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Be Smart and Protect your Employees

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Security at the workplace begins with the employer and a focus for keeping the employees safe. It is standard practice for all government building and airports to be protected by the safety standards and uniformed security services. Shouldn’t your employees be getting the same safety assurance? Employees have become more aware of crime because of how quickly news travels throughout the internet. The news keeps us bombarded with mishaps like terrorist attacks, violence and even horrific…

4 Things Every Daily Activity Report Should Include

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4 Things Every Daily Activity Report Should Include Daily activity reports (DARs for short) are the backbone to an effective security team. For contract security teams, the daily activity report serves as the primary method of daily client communication. While a security presence alone is extremely valuable to a client, the information and data the security team shares is what will make a security team invaluable. Here are the four basic elements that you as…

How to Become a Licensed Unarmed Security Officer in Tennessee

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How to Become a Licensed Unarmed Security Officer in Tennessee The State of Tennessee requires that all security officers hold an active license while working as either an armed or unarmed officer. Failure to do so can result in steep penalties for both you and your employer. Outlined below are the required steps for gaining your license. At First Class Security we are happy to work with all candidates to properly obtain their license. Once…

Warehouse Security

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Warehouse Security in Nashville, TN.   We are your single source for warehouse security in the greater Nashville area. Warehouses and distribution centers are frequent targets of burglary, theft and pilferage. As you are aware your facility probably contains a large quantity of new merchandise in its original packaging, something that is highly-desirable to both internal and external thieves. Internal theft can be committed by any dishonest employee, contractors, truck drivers and/or other insiders. External…

What makes a good security officer?

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Security is a vital part of every place of business, social gathering and even private residences. The feeling of safety is by far one of the most valued feelings within the human race. However in many ways, security is being overlooked and/or compromised simply due to a false sense of security. This is because security is naturally preventative, not just reactive. A good day for security and our clients is when nothing happens. Many people…

What is a good metal detector?

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What is a good metal detector? Most of our clients trust us to not only provide great security officers but also to bring to the table knowledge around the industry leading products and how to most effectively use them. One piece of equipment that stands above the rest and is currently used by all of our clients looking to utilize a walkthrough metal detector, is the Garrett PD 6500i Security Metal Detector. We feel this metal…